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Control Your Drinking Online (click here)

Control Your Drinking Online: A Web-Based Self-Change Program
What do we know about the Program?
Problem drinkers are people who tend to drink a lot but whose alcohol problems are not severe. There are more problem drinkers in the community compared to those who are dependent on alcohol (i.e. 'alcoholics') (ratio 4:1). Most treatment agencies offer abstinence oriented programs - this is not an attractive goal to problem drinkers. Our program assists people in achieving the personal goals of the person. It assists them with their own personal choice. Research has found that problem drinkers can be taught skills to control their drinking. Further, research has found that most people can learn to control their drinking on their own. In summary, most people who drink a lot do not have to give up alcohol / or are willing to do so.

Like the Controlled Drinking by Correspondence Program, this program is beneficial for:
· People who wish to reduce their drinking
· People who wish to remain anonymous during their involvement in a treatment program
· People who do not wish to attend any alcohol treatment clinic
· People who cannot attend an alcohol treatment clinic due to other reasons (i.e. live too far away, do not have time etc.)
· People who wish to take part in a program that is FREE and requires very LITTLE TIME involvement.

Who cannot participate?
· Women who are pregnant / planning pregnancy
· People on medications with clear warnings not to drink
· People instructed not to drink because of an illness they may have
· People who think they are 'alcoholics'
· People under 18

How does it work?
To join this program, you need to have a valid email address so we can send information that will allow you to access our program. When you are registered, you will be asked to complete the Self Assessment Module which is made up of questions about your alcohol use and other health-related issues. Once you have completed the Self Assessment, you are given feedback about your drinking and other related topics. Following this, you will gain access to four Treatment Modules online that provide information on how to manage cravings, binge drinking, bad moods and other alcohol-related problems.
How long will the program take?
The program is designed to take about an hour every fortnight for eight weeks. However, it can be completed at whichever pace suits you.

An overview of the program
Self Assessment Module & Results

Treatment Module No.1
· Alcohol information and facts
· Personal reflection on the effect alcohol has had on you and your life
· Introduction to self-recording

Treatment Module No.2
· Introduction of the Progress Chart
· Tips to control your drinking
· Identifying and coping with high-risk situations
· Problem-solving skills

Treatment Module No.3

· Reflecting on high-risk situations
· Strategies for managing high-risk situations
· Gaining support from others
· "Fun Things" to do
· Overcoming binge drinking

Treatment Module No.4
· Coping with urges and temptations
· Reminding yourself of why you wanted to cut down your drinking
· Preventing and managing 'setbacks' and lifestyle changes

Making the decision to do something about your drinking

The best way to achieve results is to complete the program. We suggest you work on each treatment module on a fortnightly basis instead of accessing all treatment modules in one go. Remember, a great part of your success with this program depends on your motivation, persistence, and readiness to learn and apply new skills.